Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thoughts after reading Hellblazer 300.

Just finished reading the final issue of Hellblazer, and it seems a fitting albeit unwanted end to a long journey.  I have read this comic for a quarter-century, 5/8ths of my life, and about John Constantine himself for even longer (showing my age here by admitting that I recall his initial appearance during Alan Moore's sublime run on Swamp Thing back in the eighties, which I still own all these years later).

Hellblazer remains one of the few constants of my life, present as friends and lovers came and left, with John the only character in all of western comics who aged in real time with me. And although I am sad to see him go (as I have no plans to engage the new young-n-hip take on the character DC Comics has planned), I am choosing not to mourn but rather celebrate the life of my dear friend.

An unopened bottle of whiskey has patiently resided on my bookcase undisturbed these past five years, waiting for the right reason, which I plan to break open tonight and partake of. But I'll make sure to save one glass for June however, which will be raised after reading Hellblazer #63 again. Seems fitting to celebrate my own fortieth by revisiting the infamous fortieth birthday bash of an old friend...

I hope this new Constantine goes and grows and finds his audience as he finds his way, dazzling the imagination of some other young kid in need of a good friend. He simply won't be my Constantine anymore, and that's okay. 

So cheers, John Constantine. Thanks for never changing.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Homo homini lupus.

When you get right down to it, now is always the time to move on.